Tuesday, September 6, 2011 Cincinnati Bell Webmail Allows You To Create Email Graphics is the webmail login page for Cincinnati Bell internet subscribers. Cincinnati Bell is a company that offers a wide range of communication technologies such as wireless phones and devices, high-speed internet, television packages, home phone and webmail at affordable bundles. Internet subscriptions are often bundled with email and the difference with this email program is that it is a dedicated program like Mac OS X Mail, Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook .With you can configure your e-mail online without a hassle.

The service offers you the ability to access external mail. You can access many email accounts including ZoomTown and Fuse mail.

You can create lists whose e-mails can be blocked or allowed in your inbox. This means that any incoming mails that are not in your block list will be marked as genuine mail while those that are blocked will be classified as spam. Never again will you receive spam from repeat senders.

Just like the popular email programs, you can import and export your contacts list to another email service. This means you do not lose your contacts even if you decide to change to another service.

One of the most fantastic features in today’s e-mail is the ability to put email graphics in the messages that you are sending. With Fuse.Net, you have a graphic composer, which you can use to create colourful emails that are enhanced with rich graphics in place of the boring plain text.

Although email graphics can add a touch to your messages, they are known to be problematic in their implementation. There are hundreds of uses of graphics such when you want to send an e-gift or     e-card for Christmas season’s greetings,Easter,Halloween or when you are sending birthday wishes to your loved ones. They can also be used in promotional e-mails for presenting your products or announcements. In designing these graphics, it is important to consider the email program that you want to use to send them. You will realize that some e-mail programs support html graphics and some do not. Even in the programs that do support graphics, the presentation may not arrive as you want it to be to the receiver of the email. Something somehow messes up the layout.However, there are methods to ensure that your email graphics are delivered successfully and without issues. You have to find out if an email is optimized for the graphics that you are planning to send. The following general steps in designing simple picture graphics:

You will need an image editor such as Photoshop or GIMP and an electronic image e.g. jpeg, png or gif.Open your image editor and click the tab for creating a new file.

Choose the dimensions for the image you want to create. Most editors have fields where you enter the width and height in pixels or percentages. For email, the maximum width of 400 pixels and a maximum height of 300 pixels are preferable.

Go to the toolbar of the editor and select the shapes, text and colours that you want to apply. You can upload a picture then modify it on the editor. Photoshop has many advanced features for editing an image that you will find handy.

In editing your image, you will need to crop it to remove unwanted space and reduce its size. When you are satisfied with the quality of the image, you can then save it as jpeg, png or gif.These are the most widely used formats for web graphics. Do not make the file too small or else your recipient will find it hard to see. Files not more than 1MB are okay.

As you can see, the above steps are for designing basic images. When you want rich html graphics, then you should use one of the many online tools such as CoolText.After designing your graphics online, you simply copy and paste the html in your email. Gmail has an option to insert graphics in the settings so that they will appear in every email you compose and send. You can use the graphics as your signature. You can send email from to Gmail and you will see the graphics intact.

To log into your account,go to   A ZoomTown or Fuse email address can be used to log into your Cincinnati Bell webmail

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