Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How To Log On Frontier Webmail -

Frontier mail is offered by Frontier, a digital communications company which is based in the U.S.A.There are many people who use the email service from Frontier.

How to Log Into Frontier Webmail:

You can log into Frontier mail with email addresses from the following services:

1.      GVNI
2.      Epix
3.      NewNorth
4.      Citilink
5.      FrontierNet
6.      Frontier

The best way to log into your Frontier mail account is via the website’s URL at   This URL redirects to the Zimbra webmail server. You should then enter your email address and password. To enable the web browser to remember your login details next time you want to log in, tick [Remember Me].This will save you the time of typing in your username and password whenever you want to log in. When you are logged into your account, you should be able to see the webmail interface. Frontier webmail works best with the Firefox web browser but it can also be accessed via Internet Explorer. You will encounter issues on the Safari web browser when you try to log normally. To prevent issues on Safari, choose the [Standard HTML] version from the drop down box as you log in.

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