Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How To Set Up and Use Frontier Email on iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch:

How To Set Up and Access Frontier Mail on the iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch:

Since the iphone is a device that is designed and produced by Apple Inc, Frontier Mail does not provide technical support for configuring Frontier Mail on the iphone or ipad.

To set up and configure Frontier Mail on the iphone,you need to do the following ( This also applies to the iPad and iPod Touch ) :

-          Go to your iphone menu screen
-          Go to [Settings ]
-          From the Settings drop-down menu, choose [Mail, Contacts,       Calendars ]
-          From the [Mail,Contacts,Calendars] interface, Go to [Add Account]
-          When you click “Add Account”, you should see all the email services (Exchange Servers) that are installed on your iphone e.g. Gmail, MobileMe, Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft Exchange and others.
-          Choose the [Microsoft Exchange] server.
-          If you are using an OS 3 device or lower e.g. iphone 3, iphone 2 and iphone 1, you can only have one Microsoft Exchange account on your iphone.This also applies to an iPad or iPod Touch. The Microsoft Exchange account is required for setting up Frontier email so if your device is an OS 3 or lower, you will need to remove the existing service that is configured with Microsoft Exchange and set up Frontier Mail. Users with an OS 4 device and above i.e. iphone 4 can have multiple Microsoft Exchange accounts, so they can simply add Frontier Mail as an additional service.

-          Enter your Frontier Mail details on the Microsoft Exchange interface:
Domain:  Optional. Leave blank
Password:  This is your Frontier Login password
Description:  Frontier
-          After you have entered all your details, click “Next” on the top right hand corner.
-          This will take you to the sync settings. Here you should select info to sync using Microsoft Exchange. You can synchronize your Mail, Contacts and Calendars. Select the “ON” option for each of these services if you want to synchronize all of them.Optionally, you can choose “OFF” for any service that you do not wish to sync. Click “Done” and you are all set to access Frontier Mail on your iphone or ipad.Setting up and using Frontier Mail on your iphone, ipad or ipod touch will cause your device to consume data above normal levels, and to find out about the data usage you should consult your mobile phone provider.

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