Top 100 Free Webmail / Email Providers

Top 100 Webmail Services To Create a Free Email Account

This article takes you takes through a list of 100 free email providers that you can use. Without a doubt, Yahoo Mail, Gmail and Hotmail are the three giants of free webmail. They are also the most popular websites in the world, with each site having its own search engine, Yahoo Search, Google Search and Bing Search respectively. The reason why these websites are more successful and more popular than the rest is because they know what people want. People are looking for free services. They are looking for a free fully featured email service that allows them to communicate with friends and contacts without the hassles of subscription fees. The old-fashioned businessman is always thinking of charging a fee for everything, but a savvy businessman knows how to generate huge profit by providing free services to the masses. Today, Yahoo Mail has over 302 million users, Gmail has over 193 million users and Hotmail has over 360 million users. The tremendous growth of these three email and search giants has resulted in crazy annual revenues (in billions of dollars) with a significant proportion coming from advertising alone and without you being charged a cent for using the best fully featured email you can ever find anywhere. Why would you want to use a paid email service that gives you less of what you would get from a free email service such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail or Hotmail?

•           Windows Live Hotmail

Hotmail is a popular 100% free email provider that offers you all the best features without paying a dime. The service is now known by various names such as Hotmail Windows Live or MSN Hotmail after it was acquired by Microsoft. It has undergone a significant transformation, well known for its robust anti-spam filters, social networking features and many more.

•           Gmail

This is another popular 100% free email service offered by the giant Google. We all know the trust that the Google brand has among internet users. The latest Gmail offers a plethora of features such as background themes, advanced mail search, social networking profiles, threaded email conversations, online chat, display options and the ability to call or sms the sender right from your account.

•           Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo Mail is a popular 100% free email service from the internet giant Yahoo! The new Yahoo mail has an interface that is integrated with chat, apps, games, contacts list, photo sharing and other features.


Email from this domain name can be customized and there are options to upgrade to the paid service if you want more features.

•           AOL Mail

AOL Mail also known as AIM is another significant player on the internet trying to compete with the three giants Yahoo, Google, Hotmail.It is free to create an email account from AOL, and you can start sending and receiving messages right away.

•           Mail2Web

With the Mail2Web app, you can open and view your mail from multiple accounts on one dashboard. You can imagine the amount of time it will save you since you do not need to log into each account separately.

•           Mailinator

Mailinator is a free service that is designed to protect you against spammers.

•           FastMail

FastMail connects you to a wide variety of email apps and they are also an internet service provider.

•           Lycos Mail

Lycos is no longer a free email service. You have to pay a subscription fee to use their email.

•           Netaddress

Net Address is a service that allows you to create multiple email addresses and accounts.

•           Walla!

Walla offers you 3GB of space and their webmail service is free.

•           Postmaster

This is a free web mail service from Europe that gives you access to a wide range of features and simplicity.

•           ZapZone Network

If you have a website or blog, you can use ZapZone Network to provide free email to your users. It is a free service.

•           Abcde...

As you can see, this is a weird domain name, but anyway this company offers a unique service to its users, that is if you want to have an email address with the longest domain name (abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz), your email will be like myemail@abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

•           10 Minute Mail

With 10 Minute Mail, you can get a virtual email address that only lasts for ten minutes, to protect yourself from spammers.


With PookMail, you can create a temporary email address that allows you to sign up for websites instead of using your real email address to protect yourself against spam. Any website that intends to spam your inbox will send the spam to the disposable PookMail address.

•           Dodgeit

With DodgeIt, you are able to receive email but not send.

•           Doramail

Fans of Doraemon can create a Doramail email account

•           XasaMail
XasaMail gives you 2GB of free storage.

•           Excite Mail

This is a free email service from


•           MyRealBox

My RealBox provides Email services as well as calendars.

•           Mail2World Personal Services

Mail2World is a free email service that allows you to have your own domain name, custom layouts as well as unlimited storage. You are also provided with a translation service, spam protection and SMS facility.

•           HushMail

Hush Mail is fully encrypted for your security.


E-Mail from this company is targeted towards corporations and businesses.

•           FlashMail

Flash is web-based email that can be accessed on any computer.

•           Caramail

Caramail is provided by Lycos France but it is no longer free.

•           Juno Webmail

With Juno Mail, you can open and read your mail anywhere from a web browser.

•           EarthLink Webmail

EarthLink Webmail is a login portal for users with MindSpring, OneMain and EarthLink email accounts.

•           NamePlanet

With the Nameplanet free webmail service, you can use your own name in your email address.

•           ICQmail

With ICQ Mail free email, you are able to change skin layouts and you have access to a translator.


MailandNews provides POP3 and IMAP4 email access. Web-based email is also supported by this website.

•           Orgoo

Orgoo is a web application where you can add all your email accounts and view them from one panel. The app supports SMS and video chats.


AventureMail has maximum storage capacity of 2000MB.

•           Pronto Mail

When you open a Pronto Mail account, you are given a home page and a free email address.

•           Fuzzmail

Fuzz mail has a fun feature that allows you to see both the initial and final draft of the sender’s email. You will see the typos, backspaces and cancellations that the writer made while composing the email.

•           India Times Mail

India Times Mail is free to create and use.

•           gURLmAIL

GURL MAIL is a free email service.

•           MauiMail

Maui Mail is free email for anyone.

•           E-OmniNet

E-OmniNet is POP3 email that comes with an address book, calendar, bookmarks and file manager.

•           Doghouse Mail

You can create a free DogHouse Email account and start sending messages right away.


This is a service that offers you free webmail accounts.

•           Return Receipt Email

Return Receipt Email attaches a receipt for every email that is sent

•           ASTRAL Free Mail

Astral Free Mail allows you to send email attachments and it also comes with many features like an address book and personal folders.


Meow Mail allows community members to create email addresses for their cat pets.

•           Wong Faye Free Email

Wong Faye Email is free and you can have an email address at

•           Computer Mail

Computer Mail is email for family.

•           Email Choice

Email Choice gives you email that can be accessed on a browser.

•           MyPersonalEmail

Here you can get an email address if you are a community member.

•           Every Mail

EveryMail provides email in many languages

•           Kaxy

Kaxy is a provider of ecommerce and software solutions. You have the opportunity to get an email account at no cost as well as anonymous web surfing.

•           Mucho Mail

A Mucho Mail account has spam-fighting abilities and it is totally free.


Users of Byke can host multiple websites as well as obtain a webmail address at no extra charge.


KukaMail gives you the opportunity to have your own personal home page and an email account.

•           Katchup

KatchUp is a creative email solution for travellers. Travellers can create a personal KatchUp home page and a lifetime email address to keep up with other travellers.

•           ProbeMail

The beauty of ProbeMail is that you do not need to install some software to be able to access your mail.

•           God Mail

God Mail is an exclusive email service for the Christian community. Members have access to online Bible study, message boards, classifieds and so on.


123VN Email allows you to send messages using Vietnamese and English themed features.

•           Rediff Mail

Rediff allows every Jack and Jill to send messages on the web.

•           Howler Monkey

Howler Monkey is the place to get as many free accounts as you can.

•           Jershie Mail

Jershie Mail gives you a chance to own an email address

•           WitchesBrew Mail

WitchesBrew Email is offered in many languages.

•           Bachelor Girl Mail

Bachelorgirl Email allows you to create an email address with the domain

•           Zapak Mail

Zapak Mail offers unlimited space for sending and receiving email videos.

•           iWon Email

iWon Email is an alternative provider of cost-free web mail services.

•           Synacor Email

Another provider of webmail in the field.


AAeMail filters out the spam and viruses that arrives in your inbox. With this service, you are able to log into multiple pages and get instant email notifications.


Phat is a New Zealand based email service that contains an address book and anti-spam filters. This email can be accessed anywhere in the world.

•           Stoolmail

One of the email domains that gives you the opportunity to create an address at

•           Expat Mail

Expat Mail is email for expatriates who are deployed in various locations around the world. As you might realize, it is therefore necessary that the email be web-based so that it can be accessible on any computer in the world.

•           NZ11

NZ11 allows you to receive and send email to any international locations.

•           Epenguin Mail

Epenguin offers email that is accessible to anyone with internet and a web browser.

•           GalacMail

GalacMail is one of the competitors in this industry providing custom signatures, cost-free storage and other features.

•           Merawala Email

Merawala Email is POP and you have multiple domain names to choose from.

•           MikellMail

MikellMail is a unique domain from and you can have an email address @

•           Walkerware Pop Mail

Walkerware PopMail is an email client that allows you to add POP3 email accounts to your dashboard, thus allowing you view all your mail from one interface.

•           Zappo! Mail

With Zappo Mail, you can create webmail accounts at

•           Atgratis

Atgratis allows you to create email addresses using the domain